About us

The Municipality

The municipality of Coevorden, located in the southeastern corner of the province of Drenthe, was established in its current form on January 1st, 1998. This as a result of a municipal reorganization, where five municipalities merged into one. The municipality consists of the city and former fortress of Coevorden and a few dozen rural villages that offer attractive living environments, such as Dalen, Sleen, Oosterhesselen, Zweeloo, Aalden and Schoonoord. The municipality is 300 square kilometers in size and has a population of approximately 36,000. The region is ideal for sports and recreational activities, or for simply relaxing at one of the first-rate recreational parks in the area. The varied landscape of Drenthe is excellently suited for bicycling, with numerous routes that take you past historical Saxon farmhouses, flocks of sheep and megalithic tombs. It is therefore no wonder that the area has more than 1.5 million overnight bookings every year! For more touristic information you can consult the website of  EN – Welkom in Coevorden.

International collaboration

The municipality of Coevorden offers favourable conditions for companies that wish to establish themselves over here and thus offer future jobs. The municipality has several industrial areas, one even stretching across the border: Europark. Various globally operating companies produce from Coevorden, like the Spectrum Brands company of IAMS and Forbo Flooring a.o.. As a border municipality Coevorden therefore has a strong international orientation. Strengthening our economy is paramount in the various forms of international cooperation.

Germany, Niedersachsen

For over a hundred years there has been a rail connection from Coevorden, via our partner city Nordhorn, to Bad Bentheim. The railway is owned by the Bentheimer Eisenbahn AG. The cross-border Europark also has a rail terminal for freight transport and an inland port.

Due to the long-term cooperation with our neighboring municipality of Samtgemeinde Emlichheim, the municipality of Coevorden is involved in many developments between the North of the Netherlands and the German Lower Saxony. We have frequent contact with organisations and governments along this stretch of the border.

Euregional cooperation

Geographically, Coevorden is the pivot point between two of the oldest cross-border regions: the EUREGIO (with its seat in Gronau) and the Ems-Dollard Region, the northernmost region along the German-Dutch border. The municipality is closely involved in these partnerships and plays an active role in programs such as Interreg and Leader that are being developed in both regions.

European lobby

Together with the northern provinces of the Netherlands, the municipality of Coevorden is involved at European level in matters relating to Coevorden's strategic agenda. Examples are cross-border entrepreneurial initiatives and freight train traffic. The latter with the aim of intensifying freight transport via the rail corridor between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea.